Sticky focus?

Hi, new user here, trying out the demo. I’m trying to use scrivener to write reports and essays for school. When in split mode I want to be able to select documents in the binder and have them always open up in the same splitted half of the window. Let’s say I’m writing an essay in the lower half and I’ve got a reference document in the upper half. I find it tedious that I have to first click the upper window for the focus to go there and then select another document in the binder. Is there some way of “stickying” either half of the editor ?

Regards, Berkz

Yes, there are a few ways to do exactly what you want. First you might want to “lock” one split to make sure that errant clicks do not change the selection. You can do this by pressing Cmd-Opt-L. One split, or even both can be locked if you prefer. The second thing you can take a look at is the “Binder Affects…” sub-menu in the View menu. The default setting is “Current Editor” which means Binder will send the selection to whichever split you have focussed (doing nothing if it is locked). But you can also set it up to only send selections to the right or left (or top/bottom whatever the case may be) split.

works thx :smiley: