Sticky Presets

I realise that Presets are NOT styles, but the following might be handy in the case of someone using a home network where they might use Scrivener on one of several computers (though of course only one at a time). I do this, I have three PCs, a Media PC and one for my Studio and one for the Rec Room. In practice I might use the Studio one in the morning, and if it’s a hot day - especially in Summer in my weather-board house - I might move to the Rec Room in the afternoon where it’s much cooler. Anyway, the suggestions are as follows.

Add a setting for a project to use “Project Presets” instead of “Global Presents”.
A global preset is what is currently used, where presets are stored with each install of Scrivener. That means that if you define a set of presets on one computer, they are particular only to that computer - if you move to another computer and access the same Scrivener project to edit, the presets will be the one on that computer, not the previous one. If the “Project Presets” setting was selected, then the presets would be saved as part of the project, and be shown regardless of which computer used. Swapping between settings would affect which set of presets was displayed, but the last version of the project Presets would still be saved with the project. Maybe there’d be an icon next to the presets drop menu to indicate which type the user was using.
Add an export/import dialog for presets.
A user would be able to export and import a set of presets to an .XML format file. When exporting you’d have the standard save file dialog. When importing you’d have the option or either replacing or appending to the current preset set. You’d replace append a project or global set, depending on what you were currently using (maybe with an extra confirm setting).
The first suggestion would allow presets to be project based. The second would allow a user to save different sets of presets, perhaps each one suitable to different projects. You could also share this presets as you would any other file.

Thanks for writing in. You’ll be happy to hear that we agree with most of this, but these capabilities will be coming along with a true stylesheet system in the future. So yes to these, and more. :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, presets are stored in a simple file that you can copy between computers, called TextPresets.bin. You will find this file in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Scrivener\Scrivener\TextPresets. Just copy that file to the same location on the target machine to update its global presets.

Ah, excellent! And thanks for the information.

I’m delighted to know that stylesheets are being planned (my single biggest wish for Scrivener). Now that the iOS version is done, do you have any idea when we might see these?