Still Can't Import Docs--Weird Inconsistency

I’m running Beta 2.1 on two machines: a Toshiba laptop with Vista (with SP2) and an Asus netbook with Win 7. I uninstalled all previous versions of Scrivener before installing 2.1.

I am unable to import any .doc files into Scrivener on either computer using the Import function from the File menu. Oddly, when I try to import, I get a different result on each computer.

On the Toshiba laptop, after I select the file in my Documents that I want to import, the import dialog box opens, I get a notice that Scrivener is converting the file, and then the filename appears as the scene header. No text appears in the scene window, nor can I find the text anywhere.

On the Asus netbook, I cannot even select a .doc file in Documents. When I open Documents from the Import function, next to the field for “File Name” is a button that reads “Text (*.rtf *.html *.mhtml *.txt).” When I open a folder containing .doc files, the file reads as empty, even though opening the file outside Scrivener shows all the .doc files.

Bottom line–I am unable to import a .doc file into Scrivener on either computer. I know I’ve reported this bug before, for an earlier version of the Beta. Lee recognized it as a bug then, and fixed it. So now I must be doing something wrong, but I can’t figure out what.

Same problem here. I use the File–Import command menu in order to import a .doc file but when I open the file it is empty.