Still in love with Scrivener!

I’ve been using this software for 5 days now and I must say I’m still in love! I just want to thank the developer. I have been struggling with my manuscript for a good year. Getting up and going to the gym at 0500 every day, working full-time, and making room for bike riding leaves very few hours in the day for writing (especially when you have to go to bed early b/c you get up at 0400!). Not to mention when I do sit down on the weekends, my husband inevitably walks in the room and starts telling me stuff (why THEN?! He knows I’m writing!). I’ve been using Microsoft Word all this time but it has been difficult to write frantically for a weekend day, then only get to peck away at it a few hours during the week. Often I would have to re-read what I just wrote to get that “feeling” back.

Anyway, this software is just amazing. I mean, I can set up my story into visual chapters, outline on the cork board, and add pictures to help inspire me. Seriously…it’s brilliant! Thank YOU!!

Thank you for your kind comments - much appreciated! Glad Scrivener is helping.
All the best,