Still using Scrivener 1.9.0

I’m still using Scrivener version 1.9.0 even though I get a pop-up notice to upgrade to 1.9.7 every time I open the program. My reasoning is a combination of ‘why fix it if it works’ and a dose of paranoia that there will be issues and changes that will affect my writing project in unpleasant ways.
While I am technically competent to a point, I worry about having to spend hours uninstalling and reinstalling the program (f things go wrong) and losing my work. I am not confident about being able to successfully do that. Thus, I still have version 1.9.0.

Now I see there is a 3.0 version looming on the horizon. I know I need to get ‘with the program’.
If I wait to get 3.0 will it upgrade from my comfortable old 1.9.0 or do I need to bite the bullet and upgrade now, so I can get 3.0 when it comes out?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

I’d wait and thoroughly test out the beta that will be coming. Then you can know for sure if you’re willing to bite the bullet and upgrade.

Don’t feel bad, though. I’m still on 1.8.7, because there’s nothing I’m not happy with.

Only L&L can tell you for sure what the supported upgrade path is, so maybe they will chime in. Or you can email them directly and ask.

But I agree with Sanguinius, you might as well just wait. You’ve got months to go before Windows 3.0 will be released, and even then you don’t have to upgrade immediately if you don’t feel like dealing with it and you don’t need any of the new functionality or features.

All 1.x users will be eligible for the 3.0 upgrade discount.

As a general rule, we always encourage people to install the latest version. Even if the feature set is the same, there are always bug fixes and other behind the scenes enhancements. There may be changes for compatibility with other software, too; for instance Win Scrivener 1.9 is not compatible with iOS Scrivener.

From the support side, it can be very frustrating to have someone come to us with a seemingly intractable problem, only to ultimately discover that it’s a bug that was fixed three versions ago.


Thanks for the feedback. I will stay with 1.9.0 until 3.0 comes out.
By ‘eligible for upgrade discount’, I assume there’s a charge for the upgrade. How much?
Is there a charge for each upgrade?

Part of the OP’s question had to do with upgrade path.

Will direct upgrade from 1.9 -> 3.0 work?

Or is 1.9 -> 1.9.7 -> 3.0 the requirement?

Upgrade pricing has not yet been announced. Typically, the upgrade discount has been in the neighborhood of 50%.

From any version of Win Scriv 1.x to Win Scriv 3.0 is one upgrade.


One can upgrade from any version of Win Scriv 1.x directly to Win Scriv 3.0.


Thanks Katherine!