My daughter is visiting Stockport today, for work reasons. So, Vic-k, what sights should she be looking out for? Apart from the Red Lion Tesco branch, which is obviously already on her list. :smiley:

At first, I couldn’t believe what I was reading, then I refused to believe it. What kind f a mother encourages her young daughter to visit the picket-line of near naked men, clothed in nothing more than hand-crotcheted jockstraps, protesting against Capitalism’s relentless march against, and destruction of, the proletariat’s/workingmen’s natural habitats?

Silly question, I know. Our hedonistic, substance abusing, dipsomaniacal, feckless parent/moderator, Siren. :frowning:

Well, the above notwithstanding; the best sightseeing is to be enjoyed during the Binge-drinking hours of 7pm–3am. Some of the sights defy definition!
Time filling stuff can be found here: … gland.html

However, I must point out, Stockport is not a place for the uninitiated, unworldly, non-casehardened casual visitor. Hopefully, your child will return home, not ‘too’ changed by the experience.

Of course, my wish for your daughter, is that she returns home, having had an enlightening, worthwhile , and interesting, if not enjoyable visit.
Take care