Stop Project Template Window from Launching

I am getting the hang of using Scrivener now. More and more I am assigning Scrivener documents to project specific tasks such as working on a certain draft, or working on a different draft. I am even testing keeping my stop notes and links to apps that I am using for completing difficult long term tasks such as de-duplicating my files.

I am finding that when i open a Scrivener file to work on, it always opens a Project Template window underneath the opened document. The only time a Project Template window makes any sense is when I select “New Project”. Otherwise, it adds needless visual clutter that I always have to close out so that I can see the next Scrivener file in my work-flow in a HoudahSpot window or in a Finder window.

This is really getting annoying and I would like to change this behavior but, how? How can I change this behavior?


SOLVED: Oops, found it. Unchecked open Templates Window in Preferences. Sorry about that. Missed seeing it the first time. Never mind. Carry on.

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