Stop 'Sync Conflict' errors

Figure I must have done something wrong but just can’t work out what.

I’ve been working on a project using iOS Scrivener on my iPad Pro for the last 4 weeks. The project is on my laptop as well but I haven’t accessed it on the laptop in 4 weeks because I’m on holidays and left the laptop at home.

I’ve had no problems at all until the last 5 days or so.

Now I keep getting the Sync Conflicts message. Except there isn’t any errors as far as I can see. There was the conflict folder first time. I ignored it after checking it since it was wrong. It was a copy of the old chapter before I had done some work. The version of said chapter in my project was the correct one.

Still kept getting the error message so I binned the ‘offending’ old copies of the chapter that it had stored in the Conflict folder.

That didn’t work, still kept getting the same error message. So I binned the ‘conflict’ folder too.

Still getting the same message. Telling me there is conflicts but there isn’t. There isn’t a new conflict folder, with old files or anything.

It’s not harming anything but it is getting really irritating.

Um, what did I do wrong? How do I get the stupid silly messages to stop.

I’ve been hitting the sync button, regularly. I’ve even started backing out of the whole project every time I stop working on it and hitting the sync out there as well.


Binning the files doesn’t delete them from your project. If you haven’t tried this yet, open your trash bin and slide left on the Conflicts folder, then tap Delete.

I’d also go to the app settings (go to the screen on which you can see the Draft folder. Tap on the gear icon. Tap “Show App Settings”.) Tap Reset Scrivener. Turn on the Clear Dropbox Sync Cache option. Double click the home button. Slide Scrivener up to remove it from memory so that the cache clear will take effect. Then restart Scrivener.

Hope this helps!


Thanks Silverdragon that worked :slight_smile: