Stop YouTube videos continuing to play when accessed from Binder


As with many web-pages that I wish to store within Scrivener, I sometimes drag YouTube pages with videos into the binder.

The only problem is that when these pages are accessed via the binder, the desired video starts and cannot be stopped, even when I leave that page/binder item. This means that I can still hear the video’s audio in the background as Scrivener continues to play out the video to its conclusion. The only solution, as far as I can work out, is to quit Scrivener altogether.

Does anyone else have this problem & does anyone know of a way to stop it or a work-around?

With thanks in anticipation


Unfortunately we don’t really have any control over how a page works or how the embedded web page viewer in general works, either (it’s a mechanism provided by the Mac).

What I’d wonder is, as this sounds kind of useless in its current state, why download the YouTube page into Scrivener at all? Maybe just use Bookmarks to store the link, and let them load in your browser when you want them.

In the light of your answer, I agree with you, and that is what I shall do from now on (unless anyone else knows a solution?!)

Thanks for the reply


I can’t think of a good solution. I think the main problem is that the auto-play thing is something you can turn off, but it is saved as a cookie by the browser (or a login), and in this case it isn’t really operating as a browser.