Stopping Sync with External Folder

I’m fairly new to syncing. Can’t say I’ve got my head round it yet, but it’s early days. The first thing that is not clear is how to stop syncing. It appears that “clearing” the shared folder in the sync dialog does the job. Is that it? If I start and stop syncing in this way will it have repercussions?

Ordinarily external folder sync happens instantly, or at the worst, a few seconds. Maybe trim down how much you are syncing if you do not need every single shred of text in the Binder or Draft. This will be especially true if you are using a networked file server for storage as that obviously slows down all read/write operations (dramatically, over WiFi). As for continually cancelling, I wouldn’t recommend it. Things could get confusing if only portions of the sync folder are made up to date in the Binder.

Thanks for the direction, I’ll apply your disciplines as I dig deeper. I’m only looking to sync one folder (notes and new ideas). I think you’re confirming that I am stopping the sync correctly. I’m not looking to make a habit of starting and stopping, but just wanted to get the theory of it down.

Well, just to clarify, maybe we’re talking about two different things: when I say it wouldn’t be a good idea to cancel all of the time, I’m referring to halting the sync process outright, while the progress bar is advancing in the sync dialogue box. If what you mean is more along the lines of just not using sync for a while, disabling it entirely and then enabling it again later on—feel free to do that. I’d recommending generating a new sync folder every time you start it up again.

OK. That’s good. Never would have thought of generating a new folder, I would have always tried reusing the old one. My concern was that I’d started sync on a template, then quickly realized it was a bad idea … but I’m clear now.