Stops counting words in a section

Scrivener’s project targets window counts all the words for every section, except for one document where it stopped counting at a total of 26000, and anything added to this section does not get added to total word count. Typing on other documents adds to word count correctly. I am using Version 2.6 on Mac OS 10.9.5 (my computer is a school issued one with some restrictions, but i doubt that’s the cause of it)I don’t know the exact number of documents in my project.

The Draft target can be set to only count items marked “include in compile” and further to only count items in the current compile group. Click the Options button in the targets window to check how you have this set, and open File > Compile… to see if the document in question is listed in the Contents pane (meaning it is part of the current compile group) and if its “include in compile” checkbox is ticked.

Oh my, I think i accidentally clicked that somehow. :blush: Sorry for clogging the forums with this.

No worries. This is the easiest kind of bug to fix. :slight_smile: