Storing non-Scrivener documents in Scrivener folder

Is Scrivener going to bitch and whine if I do things outside of Scrivener in the Scrivener folder?

I have some standard folders and documents for my writing projects that so far I haven’t been able to emulate in Scrivener. Like, for instance, the folder for timeline data, and the data itself. I see that, when I start Scrivener, it takes me to what it considers is the top-level folder and lets me select a Scrivener project in that folder, and I know that a Scrivener project is a folder. What will happen if I create a sub-folder called timeline in the Scrivener project folder and documents inside that sub-folder?



Have you tried using Project References for this sort of thing? It would certainly be easier to get at them than having to always be using the Show Package Contents drill. Project References are located in the Inspector. Click the little bookmark icon at the bottom, and then select “Project References” from the drop-down menu above the list. You can drag in files from anywhere on your computer here (they won’t be imported). To open them, just double-click on the icon and they will open in their proper applications.

In the future you’ll be able to import non-recognised files, as an advanced feature, into the Binder itself. They’ll be stored with the project and you’ll be able to edit them in external editors. So eventually you’ll have what you are looking for. For now, it would be unwise to mess around with the internal project structure too much.

I don’t recommend doing anything inside a .scriv package. Although it technically is a folder, treat it like a regular file and don’t mess around with its innards, because I can’t promise that future updates won’t flatten the file or move stuff around - and if I end up adding a folder inside the .scriv project that clashes with yours, you’ll run into problems.

Thanks guys.

AmberV, I tried this and it worked fine. Thanks. That’s just what I want. And then I thought - wasn’t this a problem I had once before that project references became document references? I even found the thread:

Now I’ve not knowingly updated my copy, but suddenly these work as intended. If you remember, all references became document references as soon as one moved away from the original document.

Well, it’s fixed now, and I can use it. Please don’t unfix it again!