Storing Other files in SCRIV directories?

I use another editor called LEO. I’d like to store all of its files for a project in the Scrivener Directory.
Is there a best practice for this?

If I make a subdirectory called “_Leo” inside of the parent scriv folder will that break anything?Will Scrivener overwrite it?

Can I expose the files in the clipboard somehow so that I can click on them to start my other editor?


The manual says its a bad idea to store other files in the Scriviner space. Pity.

I’m impressed with the scratch pad so I’ll try the Scrivener way first.

Thanks for the application.

Yeah, I wouldn’t consider putting stuff directly in the .scriv folder. Try to think of that as a self-contained system, much like LEO’s own folder system (though if I recall correctly, LEO does have more facility for two-way operation, so that may not be the best example, it’s been a long while since I’ve used LEO though).

At any rate the main problem with storing another complex file format in the Binder itself (as a separate concern to just using the “.scriv” folder, is that this won’t work well at all. Scrivener will assume you’re trying to important x number of files from this folder, convert them to RTF internally, and otherwise make a huge mess of your LEO structure.

Best practice: use a reference. Create a “card” for your LEO outline, open the References pane in the Inspector, and drop the item you double-click on in Explorer to load the outline into this list. Since this just mimics double-clicking in Explorer, when you double-click the outline in the Reference pane, that should work fine. I’d test on a duplicate first, just to be on the safe side.

Thanks, I’ll try that.