Storing .scriv bundles in Devonthink Pro 2

Hello folks !

Has anyone here some experience with storing .scriv bundles within DevonThink 2 ?
I just tried with a couple .scriv and it seems to work with no problem (DT2 imports them all right and even shows the titles of the different drafts present in the document - but not the research documents).

I’m just worried about possible troubles along the road that could corrupt the .scriv bundles if I decide to store them only in DT2 (ie : no copies in a plain old folder on my disk).
(But I of course do backup DT2’s database though :wink: )

I’m not totally sure of the workflow I’ll adopt, but I feel DT2 could really help me there (I’ve outgrown Yojimbo even though I still really like its simplicity compared to DT2).

I sure could phase out Scrivener as DT2 allows decent writing and my new job won’t involve print publishing (ie : hand out Word docs) anymore, only web (ie : copy-paste in a web form).
But I feel Scrivener is much more comfortable to write with for larger projects, and much better designed to organize my writing. After six month using it i really feel at home writing in Scrivener.

Anyway, I’ll probably post later on about the workflow, but for now the question at hand is to know if DT2 can safely hold .scriv bundles and allow me to get them back out at anytime (and, of course, if DT2’s sorting and search functionnalities would also work with the documents present inside the .scriv bundle)

(EDIT : DT2’s database is a bundle, it’s possible to dive in and find the .scriv bundle itself, nicely sorted in a “scriv” directory created by DT2 a import. That’s a good news)

Thanks !

I have been playing with this combination as well, as I check out the new beta. I’ve been storing my .scriv files in EagleFiler with no problem, and I would guess that it is even more “active” with the files in its library than DTP is with files it doesn’t understand. EF does a checksum on the project, which is a passive operation that shouldn’t damage anything ever. DTP might do something similar as it knows when I edit files that haven’t been opened in DTP (Synchronize command reveals this). It could be doing something else though, like just checking the QuickLook data and comparing against the older version. DTP doesn’t seem to index the .scriv file in any way. Searches do not reveal the projects unless the term falls within DTP specific meta-data or the filename.

Theoretically it should be fine. DTP is just hosting the file basically. It doesn’t understand it and just passes it along to Scrivener when you try to open it. To “get it back”, you seem to only need to drag the project out to the Desktop or any other folder from one of DTP’s lists. This will export the dragged item(s) creating new copies of them, so you might lose some project settings like window sizes and so forth when you do that—but nothing critical.

Yes indeed, DT2 does not really index Scrivner’s projects, even though it stores them all right (I’ve been experimenting lately).

I guess I’ll keep them separated then, and drag what reference material I need from one to the other.

Thanks for your view on that subject !