Story Arc's

Hi there,
I want to track various Story Arc’s that are taking place within my fiction project. I suppose you could look upon them as sub plots in a way. I’ve created a file for each story arc and have made good use of Scrivener’s ability to bookmark these documents in the Inspector by dragging the file over from the binder along with the scene, character and location files.

However, the project has become so large, and on top of that I’ve chopped and changed so much that I am beginning to forget the various components. I’m finding that I’m relying more and more on the Document Bookmarks section of the Inspector within Scrivener. If anyone else has a better, more efficient, practical method of keeping track I’d love to hear.

My central question is this, and I don’t know whether I’m imagining this, but when I look at some of the story arcs with the Document Bookmarks pane open I notice that some of them have more scenes attributed to them than I remember, but they’re all relevant. Is it a simple case of when I attribute a scene against a character that that character is automatically attributed back to the scene?

I guess what I am lacking is a more visual way of seeing the story in context. I know there is the ability to view POV etc., through the labels of the index cards, but even then I find there are lines I’ve used sparcely and there doesn’t appear to be a way of filtering?

I know I’m asking more than the one central question. Don’t get me wrong, I love Scrivener to bits, but if I just had a way of ensuring that each story arc plays out with a visual birds eye view…

Any suggested, workable solutions would be very much appreciated.



It’s hard to visualize what you are doing now from your description, but I would use Keywords for this purpose. Have a keyword for each arc, and then assign as many keywords as needed to each document. You can then build a search collection to pull all the documents for each keyword together.


Thanks Katherine. I’ll give that a try.