Story Calender in fiction writing

U know what would be great?
Being able to put our story on a real calendar, Goggle-style. Maybe choose amongst our Scenes/Chapters/Texts the ones that should appear on it.
I am using a text entry in a metadata field to “sort things out” chronologically (I am a Windows user), but plotting the important steps of my story on a calendar would be a tremendous visual help.
In the meantime, I still can do it on a real calendar, but obviously, there will be no real links between my text and the calendar. And all changes would have to be entered manually.

Have you looked at Aeon Timeline? It does what you’re asking and provides integration and synchronization to Scrivener.


Very interesting Richard, thanks.
Reminded me a bit of StoryView.
Current version does not communicate with Scrivener Windows, but I’ll certainly buy it as soon as it does (it is a planned feature)
I do not see a Calender View, but the timeline view is a winner. I will experiment with it for the few next weeks.

Aeon Timeline does sync with Scrivener on Windows now; that might be old information you were looking at. If you’ve downloaded the trial, you can give it a try yourself in a test project to see how it works, by adding custom meta-data fields.

Wow, I’ll experiment with it tonight after the main writing.

Well, could not wait, can I? 8)
It is perfect.
I will study the way it can be used, apart from bulding a timeline, but obviously, it seems relatively simple, and simplicity is a good sign.
I have a zillion ideas about what may be done with this.
Characters/entities, sublots/arcs, hopefully, everything can be integrated.