Story/Series Timeline Tool

Would like a persistent panel/bar on the right side where I could have a timeline visualization.

  • User would put markers in the text that tell them where that body of text falls in the overall timeline so they can maintain plot points non-anachronistically.
  • Timeline can start abstractly (0-1) and let user set dates as story develops.
  • User can put markers in timeline to write about and mark events, arcs, objects, characters, that appear, change, die to make it easier to minimize mistakes.
  • Is different from Outline which is the order the story is presented vs where the current body of text falls within the larger timeline.

There is Aeon Timeline which can do all of the things you mentioned (and many more) and which synchronizes well with Scrivener. Aeon Timeline comes with a fully-functional free 20-day trial.

Aeon Timeline is wonderful and is a pleasure to work with. The syncing with Scrivener is well-implemented.

As much as I appreciate what this does I would prefer a higher level of integration. Context is king and I think that interactive timeline/story integration is important:

  • Mark things in text and instantly see it appear in the timeline.
  • Copy and paste segments and see if I have messed timeline.
  • Add events to timeline and have markers appear in text.
  • Click on events in timeline and see text related to it in context of story.

Being a separate program, requiring a synchronization steps, makes it too cumbersome to manage and so I would not keep up-to-date.