First of all … thank you thank you thank you for heading towards windows. I have come across Scrivener and thought I would have to buy a mac to us it :slight_smile:.

What I would really appreciate was a storyline or timeline feature. The cards are ok so far, but I prefer a visional way of designing. So various lines where you can place the cards upon, move them around … would be phantastic!


Hi Bettina - the below link might help:

From KB:

Keith goes on into a pretty long (and well thought out) explanation. So not the reply you were probably hoping to see, but if you read through Keith’s explanation, it does make sense to me at least.

To add a more positive note to that, though, the freeform corkboard adds a lot more versatility to what you can do with the index cards. It allows you to cluster them, spread them out in any fashion you like instead of rigidly on a grid, and because you can also import your own background, some people have actually created background “timeline” or “plot graph” maps to place their cards on. I don’t know the time frame for the freeform corkboard being implemented in Windows, but it looks to be near the top of the wishlist if the coding isn’t too much a nightmare. So that may let you do a lot of what you’re looking for.

Thanks for the additions MM, re-reading what I posted I didn’t get the positive spin I was going for.

Prior to Scrivener a timeline feature was a must have for me. Since converting, I haven’t really missed it as the corkboard etc allows me to keep things organized as I need to. :slight_smile: