Story View 2

Has anyone here been using Story View 2 for any useful results? What are your impressions?

Now that Parallels and VMWare make switching into Windows a matter of Command-Tab, I’m re-establishing some of my old Windows writing aids.

Story View looks daunting to me in terms of complexity, I wonder if I need to invest all that time into learning commands and buttons instead of using a much cheaper time-line app for Mac.

I’ve experimented quite a lot with StoryView 2. It’s an impressive piece of software with a loooot of clever functions that work all very well to create something… that’s of no real use to a writer, at least IMHO and at least not if you write a novel. For a screenplay, maybe. If you’re planning a movie in all details, surely. But something has to be finished first before you can lay it out with StoryView.

So, although I liked the possibility to follow different threads through a story etc., I never arrived somewhere working with StoryView.

Indeed, that’s the feeling I recall from playing with the program a few years ago… Nothing helpful came out of it.

I lost my old registration code, even though I’m still sitting of a box full of Story View manuals and CD’s. Maybe I won’t bother restoring my registration. But I’m still impressed with the grandeur of the Story View’s idea: have your whole novel mapped out on colourful charts, ready for printing on massive scrolls of paper. There’s something very strategic, Napoleonic in this idea.

Probably, Scrivener + a time line app would be a better workflow for my simple needs.

You could have a look at this one: … php?t=1767


Lol - that’s what I figure.

About 10 times cheaper, too.