Storyboarding w/ custom Scene Template

I get an annoying behavior when creating new scenes in the corkboard based on a Template that I created. It only happens with my template. Here’s what I did:

First, I created the template, in this way:

  1. I created a new Text item.
  2. I changed its metadata to be a “Scene” and “First Draft.”
  3. I changed its title to “Scene Template”
  4. I moved the new item to the Templates folder.

Then, I use the new template:

  1. In the corkboard, there are already several scenes there.
  2. I left-click on the corkboard to ensure all current “index cards” are un-selected.
  3. I right-click on the corkboard, and choose New->From Templates->Scene Template

The bad behavior:

The new scene is created inside the last scene in the folder, rather than as a peer to the other scenes.


I don’t think I created the template wrong. And I know that adding a new Text item without using a template will create the index card in that folder as it should.

I know this is probably a rather low-priority bug, but if you can verify it, I’d love it added to the list :slight_smile: