This is strangely familiar. Quite like Scrivener. A bit like Avenir and a bit like Jer’s NW. It even feels a bit like Montage. The templates will attract users because they are visual and well crafted. The Wiki link approach will also attract users. Is it a worthy competitor for Scrivener? Not even remotely.

EDIT: Thanks pipibluestockin. Yes, I am aware of that. I was just concerned that it is now at version 1 and up on the the main download threads.

If naive users see it and spend $59US on Stroyist they are probably going to be reluctant to pay $XX on Scrivener. I was just a tad concerned to see another somewhat similar application popping Scrivener’s marketing bubble - what, by a few days?

Sorry. I should have spelled out my concerns. I thought it was obvious. Silly me. Mea Culpa.

Hi LL,

This has already been mentioned by Keith under the thread Software by Other Folk.


Thanks LL for the link. I checked it out and answered under Keith’s post in Software by Other Folks.

Appreciate the heads up, LL!