Storylines mode

Hello, I’m trying the Windows version of Scrivener now. So far it’s the most polished writing software I’ve came across (and I’ve tested a lot) but there is one feature that is painfully missing for me to really reward buying Scrivener and that would be a Storylines mode!

The corkboard is OK but I don’t find the freeform arranging approach very useful for me. What I really found useful in laying out the structure of a complex story with many twisted plots was the method of how Anthemion Writer’s Cafe Storylines does it …

You have several endless lanes where every lane is dedicated to a particular character or a group of characters and then you place your index cards chronologically onto these lanes and arrange them as you see fit. This is great to keep an overview of the events of one character occurring in relation to other character’s events. Here’s a screenshot to make this more clear:

This mode would probably be incompatible with the current corkboard mode where you can arrange cards freely. Arranging them there would then mess up the order in the Storylines mode so here is my suggestion: Why not let users pick which mode they prefer for their project? I think it would be great to be able if we could choose if we prefer the freeform corkboard or the storylines mode for a specific project.

This feature would make Scrivener the one-stop-writing shop for me. Right now I’m sitting between the chairs with writing software. Writer’s Cafe looks rather ugly and is outdated, it’s not as intuitive in some areas as Scrivener. But it’s storylines approach is so useful that I keep sticking with it. There’s no other writing software I’ve found that nails this as good as Writer’s Cafe.

Can we have this? please, pleaase! Pretty please!

May I direct you over here, as this just recently came up again with a bunch of discussion and explanation already over there? :slight_smile:

Whoops, sorry for double post! I’ll add my +1 to that thread! :slight_smile: