Straight quotes in Times New Roman

I started a new project recently. I’m noticing that, although my standard typeface is the serifed Times New Roman, my quote marks are coming out typewriter-style (see sample attached). I am using version 2.7 on a mac that I have just updated to the extraordinarily annoying El Capitan. (Resist the siren call of all those ‘new exciting’ features’!) I noticed on your site that you’ve updated Scrivener for El Cap … I should download it, right?
Sample of straight quote marks in TNR.png

Further to this query: I’m pretty certain the issue is El Capitan. I went to a scene I had written prior to “upgrading” to El Capitan and added the highlighted sentence. Scrivener thinks I’m in Times New Roman, but the sentence came out with straight quotes … even though the earlier text was correctly TNR’s smart quotes.

This may seem like a picky issue. It certainly does to the fine folks at the Apple genius bar. They don’t have to submit material to an editor.
Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 12.17.50 PM.png

Hm, I’m using El Capitan and the latest Scrivener 2.7, and smart quotes are working fine with Times New Roman and other fonts (you have double checked your Prefs→Corrections setting are enabled, and not sure how scrivener inherits the system prefs → Keyboard → text?)

I think if you paste text in then Scrivener won’t correct the quotes, it only works when writing them, so your copy-paste test won’t tell you when this problem occured…

The only other thing I can think of is seeing what Font Book shows for Times New Roman, as Microsoft Office is great at installing multiple copies and although OS X is normally good at disabling duplicates, sometimes weird font effects can occur…

Did you try Format, Convert, Quotes to Smart Quotes?

Double check to make sure that your preference for smart quotes is still switched on in Scriv preferences > Corrections > Substitutions.