strange and trivial complaint about Highlight feature

first off, thanks for implementing a feature that I had asked for on this board, namely the ability to make notes off on the side. works exactly how I had envisioned it.

but… the default Yellow Marker color looks greenish, a bit like urine. I much prefer the “Lemon” color in the virtual crayon box (the one that appears when you get to select a new color).

Like urine! :open_mouth:

It uses the same colour as Nisus, because I like it - it has the same colour as when you use a Stabilo highlighter on ink. But you can choose any highlight colour you like, that’s just the default.

All the best,

Any color you pick will be the new default highlight color until you select another color or close the project, as Keith said. You can also add your own colors to the dropdown menu–check out §16.4.1 in the manual–and apply keyboard shortcuts to them via System Preferences, which will make the new highlight colors accessible in all projects and easy to get to.

exactly. I find it timeconsuming to do it every single time.

good idea. I didn’t know that I could do that. I will try it. thank you!