Strange auto-indent in Editor when I paste

I’m a newbie, so this may be a basic question, but it’s making me a little crazy trying to understand. I am copying/pasting text from OneNoet into Scrivener’s Editor, in multiple small text files. Some of the text that I paste is indented - all of the lines separated by carriage returns, while some is flush to the left. If I add additional text, each new line after a carriage return is not automatically indented, like it is if I’ve started a brand-new text file.
This has to be an artifact that is carrying over with the copy/paste.
Anyway, if I position my cursor at the beginnings of the lines, there’s no way I can slide them to the left and I can’t make the auto-indent happen as I type new material. Is there some way to take these cases and reset the formatting somehow to default Scrivener style? If that makes sense?


I had a similar problem and I found that it was connected to the settings which are at the bottom left corner of the editor. There is a litle box with up and down arrows and a list with General Text and various other template-specific styles. Each one has a different indent setting.

However, I couldn’t always get the text I’d copied to turn into General Text, so in the end I discovered that if I deleted the paragraph breaks until the added text became part of a paragraph which had the correct formatting, and then added breaks back in, the copied text would acquire the formatting. This might be a useful temporary fix until someone who knows more than me comes along, I hope it helps!

Thanks, Dissertating…

It turns out, for my situation, that I’ve pasted entire pages of text into brand-new text files and so, the default style of a new file was completely blown away. There was no leading sentence against which I could back my pasted text and acquire that formatting.

However… I did just realize that if I choose to paste and match style, it keeps the original formatting of a new text file - just a case of experimentation letting me stumble across a solution.

It would be nice to be able to have “styles” like in word processors, where we could highlight big blocks of text and format them to preconfigured layouts.

In any case, thanks for your input!


I suppose the formatting is something which you do once you compile, but I agree it would be nice to have a bit more control (I suspect actually I’m just not aware of the features, it wouldn’t be the first time!).

You can change a text document to the default Scrivener settings with the command Domuments>Convert>Formatting to Default Text Style…

Awesome bit of info, Tom! Now that you’ve pointed me in the correct direction, I’m embarrassed to admit that I should have seen that before posting. But in my defense, Scrivener is a feature-packed product that is not very intuitive to newbies. I’ve been going through the tutorial and that’s been helpful, but to really benefit from all that it can do, I think it will just take time and practice.

Thanks again,