strange behavior after paste of data from .doc file

I’ve seen some strange behavoir, it’s repeatable, and I hope I’m doing the right thing in reporting it, and that I’m reporting it right! Apologies if I’ve screwed this up:

I’m running Windows XP, Word 2003. I selected text from the website of the London Evening Standard and pasted it into a Word document the other day. Today I decided to put it into a Scrivener project under Research, so I opened a new window there, cut the contents from the .doc file–it began with some graphics, ended with text–from the Word doc, and pasted it into the Scrivener window.

The document at first seemed to copy fine, and I was left with the cursor at the end of the document. Then I scrolled up to the top, and found there was a lot of white space above the contents of the document, and a “blank documnet” icon appeared at the top left. Scrolling down, I found the graphics weren’t displayed correctly (more below), and there were huge tracts of white space in between each image. There was also a blinking line marking the left-hand margin of the images; if I click in the white space, I get the blinking left-hand margin line on the white space as well. Text appeared normal.

To call it “white space” isn’t accurate: it had shaded areas, like what you get when you scan a blank page on a color scanner, and in other areas looked like the kind of thing you can get from badly adjusted photocopiers so there’s a dark smudgy band vertically down the page (or here, screen).

Some graphics displayed properly, other images were truncated, with usually the top missing, and in any case with the missing data being a horizontal swathe of the image.

Exiting Scrivener and starting it again cleared up the file so that graphics and text all appeared normal, appeared in the expected positions, and there was no blinking line. And the behavior is repeatable.

It might be a screen refresh problem. If, instead of closing Scrivener, you simply switch to a different document and then switch back (forcing the screen to refresh); do the problems go away as well?

Alas, switching to another document in the same Scrivener project and back to the pasted-in/weird one does not seem to fix the display issue.

Should I send you, or someone there, a copy of the file from which I’m cutting and pasting, to see if it happens there?

Oops – I was assuming you’re on the Scrivener development staff, but maybe you’re just a punter like me? Sorry!


Please check if your images were not inside “boxes” in Word.

I have noticed that Scrivener takes them over like “empty images”.
Just select and delete them…

I have also noticed that Word’s header and footer are sometimes present, as if they made part of the text.

Most of the time, when importing word files as is, I get simply nothing…
So I’m still working with .rtf conversions…

Utilising RTF will probably be the recommended work flow for a little while yet. The .doc/x format is incredibly complicated and can do all kinds of things that standard RTF cannot. These things need to be independently handled and converted to RTF equivalents in some manner—and frankly we’re probably never going to compete with Microsoft in terms of converting a .doc/x file to RTF right in Word.

For simple documents, import .docs should be enough, though.

No problem. (I would love to be on that team, but alas, I do not have the skills) I have seen that type of problem occur and be corrected when the screen was refreshed in other programs, and even in Scrivener once (though it was a while ago, so I don’t remember the specifics.)

I was simply hoping to help get to the bottom of the problem by asking if it was this type of behavior :slight_smile: