Strange behavior of the Compile feature

When I compile my document the text on the first page is always in SegoeUI font and all the others in Courier New, as I intend. I have checked all the settings I can think of and I don’t understand this. Can anyone help me?

Did you accidentally leave “Override text and notes formatting” selected in your section layout settings under Compile?

Thank you, BClark, but that’s not it.

I even copied the Default layout to a new one and tried to configure it from scratch and the result is the same.

And the Formatting section is blocked to edit.

Below, the end of first section and beginning of the second section.

Rui Freitas

Is this only occurring with one project, or on any project you are trying to compile?

If limited to one project, I would take a look at the text in the main editor. Do you have a paragraph style applied, or does the text show as “No Style”?

If you have a paragraph style applied, trying highlighting all of the text and applying No Style, then compiling. Does that resolve the issue?

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Thank you soooo much JenT.

Yes, it was the question of the Style / No Style.
Everything is fine now.

Rui Freitas