Strange behavior with WordWeb

I’ve been using Word Web as my dictionary/thesaurus for a long time and have been very happy with it. It has a handy hotkey feature that looks up the current word where the cursor is located in any program. It always worked flawlessly with Word, IE, or any other program I used it with. I started noticing some strange behavior when using this feature with Scrivener, however. Often times, when I select a word in Scrivener and hit the Word Web hotkey, the word that gets searched on in hotkey is misspelled or sometimes complete gobblygook. Most often, it’s only the first letter that is incorrect. For instance. The word chainmail of gets entered as gainmail. I wasn’t sure if there is something unusual about the Scrivener editor that could be causing this.

Now, I’m not stating this is a problem with Scrivener, I was just curious about it and wanted to know if other users have experienced this as well.

on the bug forum, Lee posted a how-to in reporting weird text/cut paste errors.

I’d post what you’ve been experiencing and then follow the instructions to see what’s actually going on with the clipboard:

They need the output from the ClipboardCapture.exe, too.

I never even thought to correlate this with any copy/paste issues (though I should have). I know a new beta is due in the next day or two so I’ll wait for that and test again and post this if I’m still seeing the issue.