Strange behaviour Scriv->MS Word: Missing last line

Scriv ver. 2.8.1 (newer ver don’t run on OS X 10.11)

Strange occurence, which happens regularly with just one publisher:
Last line of document (reading “END”) is missing with the receiver and his MS Word/Office, but not at my end, or with the other editors.

  1. Export project → RTF; this happened.
  2. Export project, open in Libre or Open Office; this happened again. doc or rtf, no difference.

I think I even tried to import it in OS X’s Editor and saved it, yet the last line is missing again.

Once he even received random sentences in Chinese letters (really he did) …

Anyone observing such a behaviour?

If the file is correct in a genuine copy of MS Word on your computer, then the problem is something at his end.