Strange behaviour with default style and bullet points

I am experiencing some very strange issues with default styles and bullet points in Scrivener. Here’s what’s happening:

I have my “default styles” set, using the font Avenir Next. My project settings are not overriding them.

When I make a new text document, it uses this default style. Great.

When I select-all and delete, it keeps using this default style. Great.

When I make a new text document and start with a bullet point, it changes the font to Helvetica and doesn’t use my default style anymore.

Same thing as when I use the document above (that used my default style) - when I select-all, delete, and then start the document with a bullet point, it changes the font.

Here’s a video showing it:

Any ideas? Do bullet points have their own default styling that I’m not seeing somewhere?

I can replicate this.

For me it only seems to happen in a new empty document, and only the first time you do it in that document. If you reassign no-style for the first set then it doesn’t happen for subsequent bullet points as far as I can tell. (By which I mean, an entirely new set of bullet points later in the same document.)

Here’s a temporary workaround – in your new document, invoke the bullet point then immediately apply the No Style default (cmd-opt-0). You don’t have to type any text, just have the first number/bullet and reapply no style – it will accept it and from then on the bullet point/list paragraphs will behave normally, or at least, I’ve not been able to make then not behave normally…

I’ve noticed this one as well, but it is to the best of my knowledge a Mac level bug. Try this:

  1. Fire up TextEdit.
  2. In a new empty RTF document, use the toolbar to change the font to Menlo 16pt.
  3. Use the toolbar to add a regular bullet.

Result: font becomes Helvetica 12pt.

DATE: Nov 2019

I’m still encountering this issue so I thought I’d add to the discussion.

  1. Unlike @AmberV I’m not encountering this issue outside of Scrivener (I tried to replicate the TextEdit issue without success)
  2. The issue seems intermittent (within a project).
  3. @brookter’s temp workaround ony works for me with the current ‘set’ of bullets. As soon as I create a new list the first bullet point defaults back to Helvettica
  4. I tried creating a new project and couldn’t replicate the issue (given its intermittent nature, this could be a red herring) but noticed that when I dragged in a problematic file from an older project, the issue raised its head again - but only in that file - so I then copied the contents into a plain text file, and back into a brand new Scrivener document file and the issue went away (, but of course I lost all my formatting)

I hope this helps.

I can confirm this to be happening to me as well.

It still happens 100% of the time for me in TextEdit, using the above simple checklist. But it’s really beside the point as the bug is in the toolkit itself, not the front end, there’s nothing we can do to fix it.