Strange behaviour with <$hn> compilation


I have set up a document to use <$hn> extensively in the compile settings.

However, it doesn’t seem to behave correctly and I can’t figure out how.

My binder is set up as:



Aims and hypotheses
Literature review

However, the compile export turns out with <$t> at the highest folder level and <$hn> at all other levels to be:

Chapter One: Introduction

1.1 - Background
1.2 - Aims and hypotheses
Chapter Two: Literature review
2.2 - Introduction

So what happened there? No matter what I do, introduction for literature review always starts at 2.2 instead of 2.1!?!

Any ideas?

I am getting this behaviour as well, if the folder level 1 items use a counter other than <$hn>. For instance, try temporarily changing the level 1s to use <$hn> instead of <$t> and see if the problem goes away for you. That’s obviously not a solution, but I just want to confirm you get the same behaviour. If everything is using <$hn>, then the section section starts with 2.1 as to be expected.