Strange bug that changes the color of font for just one document in the outline

See how in one of the titles in the outliner, the font becomes black instead of white? I tried deleting and retyping that title, but nothing fixes it. The only time it is white is while it’s being edited, but as soon as I hit enter it becomes black again.

Looking at your screenshot, I’m assuming that you’re using your label colours as backgrounds. Try making that label colour a little darker, or adjusting the saturation of labels as background so that it goes a bit darker. Does that help?

(I’ve seen this before on the Mac. The reason is that the display routine uses some arcane algorithm to decide whether to display text as black or as white, against a coloured background. Making the background darker somehow usually works to force white text.)

It won’t work, because if you look at the other documents with the same label color, their titles are white (as I intended). It’s just that one document’s title that’s black no matter what I do.

Hmmm… try selecting a different doc with the same label colour. I once ran into a weird one where selecting the doc changed the background just enough to toggle the white / black text. If that doesn’t work, perhaps it’s worth putting in a support request via the Contact Us page. Black text on a dark background stinks. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Is the item with the dark text a folder or document group? Both of these have unique colour settings in the Appearance: Outliner tab of File ▸ Options... and perhaps that just needs to be tweaked to work well with the theme or label colours you’re using.

It was a document file, like all the other ones shown next to it, all placed in the same folder. There was nothing unique about it.

Yesterday, I was restructuring the chapters, and I moved that document into a new folder, and that fixed it. No idea why though.

Curious. If you happen to have a project backup that’s preserved the issue, you could trim down a copy to create a sample project and send it to support along with a copy of your saved preferences. If it’s some particular mix of settings causing an appearance glitch, having a demo would help the developers find and fix the bug.

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