Strange bug when adding a synopsis to an ePub

Yes, this is probably a VERY narrow use case. But it’s a problem I’ve hit and I’m wondering if it’s something I’ve just set up incorrectly or if it is, in fact, a bug.

I’ve got an ePub compile set up with the following layout.

Document Title, the <$synopsis> as a title suffice using the placeholder tag, Document text.

I have “first-letter” span style enabled.

When this combination of settings is enabled, the first paragraph will be given the same css class and tag as my synopsis. No matter what. Below is an example where the synopsis is just using a different paragraph style, if I set it to an Heading 3, the the first paragraph would also be rendered as an h3.

If I remove the synopsis I don’t have this is issue, and if I remove the drop cap I don’t see it either. Can anyone reproduce this? “Create styles for paragraphs using custom formatting” is not checked in the CSS panel.



Based on John 20:1-29

When I hear church folk attempting to communicate the point of the resurrection I’ll often hear something like, “It proves Jesus was who he said he was.” I guess that’s OK as far as it goes, but as a theological proposition it only manages to skim the surface. There is so much more to the resurrection than Jesus’ “proving his identity.” And we see the hint of this in John 20:1-29.


Thanks, this does indeed look like a bug to fix. It can go beyond the conditions you described as well. Even if you don’t have a Title Suffix, I’ve seen some odd things happen when this first-letter option is enabled.

Cool, I’m glad to have discovered it. I hope it will be an easy fix!