Strange chapter numbers with German locale


my Mac OS X system is running under a German locale setting. When I compile my Scrivener project to PDF, I see headings like “CHAPTER EINS”, “CHAPTER ZWEI”. I would have expected “CHAPTER ONE”, “CHAPTER TWO” or “KAPITEL EINS”, “KAPITEL ZWEI”.

Where can I change this behaviour?


Scrivener uses the OS X built-in number formatters with “spelled-out style” to generate the auto-numbering, and this uses the current language settings on your machine - so if you have German locale settings, German will be used. The only way to change it as far as I know is to change the language setting for your user account.

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You could also change “Chapter” to “Kapitel” if you’d rather, and that can be done in the compile settings. Expand it with the disclosure button next to “format as” if you don’t see all the options, then go to Formatting. Probably on folder Level 1+ (it’s that if you’re using the standard Novel compile settings), you’ll see “Chapter One” and “Title” in the sample text. Click the “Title Settings…” button and adjust the text in the prefix to be “Kapitel” rather than “Chapter.”

If you like, you could also change it there to use Arabic or Roman numerals instead of spelling out the number, so you wouldn’t have the language issue (although you may not want it this way if you’re going to submit, depending on your editor’s/agent’s requirements). You can replace the <$t> with <$n> for Arabic numerals or <$R> for uppercase Roman numerals.

At least yours is grammatically correct; in Swedish we get the wrong word for “one” :confused:

Macs don’t speak Swedish? :frowning:

Thanks a lot!

They try, they just aren’t very good at it. Maybe a few more evening classes would help. :neutral_face:

They don’t speak English, either – “favourite” is always spelled incorrectly :smiling_imp:

And “colour”… :slight_smile: