Strange character count and deleting those blank characters

Ok, this has happened to me a few times now and I am not sure what does it or why, but I managed to capture it so it can be seen. My subject fumbles at trying to describe the problem, so I will try again. I open Scrivener up and find my cursor at the end of the line with say 10 or so blanks spaces between it and the last letter written. Looks like this “… here is my example |” The vertical bar is my cursor. Well, of course I want to delete the blanks to get to the word example to continue writing, but when I press delete, the cursor does not move nor can I highlight the blank area and just delete it. BUT what I did notice this time that I had not before is that the character count decreases as I press the delete key. My project that I have saved as a new name for you all shows a word count of 456 and characters of 4,702. I continued pressing delete til it actually moved the cursor and deleted a few letters, The character count was now 2,493. Wow… lots of data in that little inch or so of screen space. 2,300 characters. WOW. Anyway, I had used the next line to note the 4702 text and then went to delete the 4702 so I would have a more accurate bit of info and then it started that crap again. Now my word count was 456 and character was 2,493 and that weird space was there… and it deleted off my blank stuff and stopped at 2,465 and has no other weirdness going on. So I am going to attach the file for you to tinker with and see what you all can care figure out, good luck.
WT?? When I tried to add the file I get the following message: The extension scrivx is not allowed.
The upload was rejected because the uploaded file was identified as a possible attack vector. ok…now what? I will try to change to .txt and see if that will work. Ok, I finally get it zipped up and I get a size over 1 MiB (whatever measurement that is). Anyway, I will post the file wherever you all would like, just let me know.

This is definitely odd sounding! If you can zip the entire .scriv folder of the sample project (not just the .scrivx) and send that to AT literatureandlatte DOT com with a reference to this post, or repeating the information you gave here, I’ll take a look at it. Thanks!

email sent.