Strange codes in pasted text

When I cut and paste text from Scrivener into email (for a mailing list), it comes out the other end with a lot of extraneous coding in it, viz:

I think it’s apostrophes (used here as quotes) but also dashes and the like.
Any idea what is causing this? I don’t recognise this sort of code structure.

A little online searching turned up information to the effect that “looking at an ascii map table ’ may be interpreted as the ascii representation of the sequence of bytes %E2 %80 %99, which is an utf8 byte sequence for an apostrophe” ( Note that this refers to “smart” apostrophes (curved, as in print: ’; not straight, as on a keyboard: '). I’ve certainly seen ’ appearing in e-mails where there ought to be apostrophes, so this points in the general direction of an answer, until someone comes along who actually knows what they’re talking about. :smiley:

What e-mail program are you using? It sounds like it is not equipped to read the Unicode and HTML that Scrivener sends to the Windows clipboard.

On the Format menu, under Convert, Scrivener has an option to convert smart quotes to straight quotes, which might help until something better is figured out.