Strange Compile to PDF issue

I’m having a weird issue. I’ve set up a user-defined Compile set for “Novel PDF for CreateSpace”. The settings all look fine (apart from the margins, which I keep having to reset, and the fact that it keeps defaulting the bottom choice to ‘Print’ rather than ‘PDF’).

But about half the time, when I compile, it produces only a grey square with a small white square in the centre, rather than a proper PDF. (It goes through the usual compiling process up to a point - it runs the solid blue line from left to right, then the stripy blue-and-white line, but doesn’t go through the list of page numbers before finishing.)

Edit: this is also happening with another Compile set on the same project.

Edit: it is also happening with another project with its own Compile set.

Edit: another question - if, in the Page Setup settings, I save the user-defined margins as default, will this be so only for this particular Compile set, or for the whole project, or for all compile sets but not the whole project?

What’s happening, and how can I correct it? Should I be thinking of uninstalling and reinstalling Scrivener?

Whew, fixed this by quitting, restarting, running Cocktail and emptying trash.

But there’s still this one question, if you’d be so kind:

Do you mean the Page Setup in the Compile window? Whatever settings you apply there will be used for that project when you compile until you change them (which could happen if you change to another compile preset). If you make the alterations and save them in a custom preset, then you can load that preset, with all its page settings, for use in another project. The page settings will affect the entire compiled document, so I’m not quite sure what you mean by “the whole project”.

If you’re doing a lot of switching presets but always want to use the same page settings for your project, you can use File > Page Setup… to set the page settings for the project. Then when you choose a preset in compile, in the Page Setup tab there just tick the box to “Use project Page Setup settings”. (You will need to tick the box after switching presets, but it will be faster than redoing all the settings each time.)

I do.

That should be happening, but it’s not.

I can try that. But what baffles me is that it’s not now saving the Compile as I set it. Normally it does that - you fooster around with the settings till you have them right, then compile the project, and next time you hit cmd-alt-e, the same compile menu comes up.

But what’s happening with me is that I call up the Compile menu, and it comes up with Custom/PDF. I change it to my own Paperback Novel for CreateSpace menu item, change the Formatting so that the levels are correctly checked to reflect the fact that this is a novel with a prologue and epilogue, for which I won’t want “Chapter 1” and “Chapter 10”, and with chapters, for which I will want “Chapter 1”, “Chapter 2” and so on to “Chapter 9”, with the title under each chapter.

I change the Page Setup so it reflects the correct size for the paperback novel. Then I press Compile, and it does the biz.

But when I open it next time it’s reverted to Custom/PDF, and if I go to the Paperback Novel for CreateSpace/PDF set, I have to make all those changes all over again.

I’ve tried pressing alt+Compile to save the settings but this doesn’t work: the Compile dialogue disappears, but when I reopen it, it’s back to Custom, and when I change to Paperback Novel for CreateSpace I have to change all the settings once more.

When you reopen and it says “Custom”, this is just reflecting the fact that you have made changes to the preset: you loaded your Paperback Novel for CreateSpace, but then changed formatting and page setup information, so now the settings no longer match the Paperback Novel for CreateSpace preset. So it sounds like your compile settings for that project are getting saved properly, and if you just recompiled without reselecting the preset (and thus losing all your changes to formatting and page setup) things would be exactly as you had left them. When you reload the preset, however, you’re wiping that information and need to redo it.

If you want to save the formatting and page set up changes to be part of your custom preset, make sure all your settings are correct in the compile window and then choose “Manage Compile Format Presets…” from the bottom of the Format As pop-up menu. Select your Paperback Novel for CreateSpace preset from the list, and then click the “Update…” button and OK it. Now you should be able to select that preset from this or any other project and see your revised page settings and formatting reflected.

a) What do you mean by “When you reload the preset”?
b) This wasn’t happening before. What happened before this glitch appeared was that I’d make any changes needed to my Paperback/CreateSpace Compile settings, then compile, then the next time I reopened the Compile settings it would open on my Paperback/CreateSpace compile dialogue and compile without any need for changes.
Then it went rogue.

Did that. Didn’t work.