Strange Copy/Paste with Inline Footnotes Result

When I copy and paste text with inspector footnotes, using Paste and Match Styles, the pasted text appears with the footnotes as a separate item below the text. Each separate footnote is marked in the text as [#] and before the footnote as [#]. The footnote text is no longer recognized as a footnote, as when I select it or the originating text and convert it into inline or inspector footnotes nothing changes. It appears using normal paste does work. I am running Snow Leopard and have made Paste and Match Styles the standard paste method by mapping it to Apple-V.

BIll Stewart

Paste and Match Style forces the text view to paste using plain text, so the footnote or comment cannot be pasted with it as they are part of the rich text formatting. When you copy text with a footnote, the plain text version stored on the pasteboard will have the text numbered, ready to paste into a plain text editor - when you use Paste and Match Style, the OS X pasteboard calls on this version of the text. This is why you get this result. Hope that makes sense.
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