Strange dream

Last night I dreamt that I was chased by Angelina Jolie. She was dressed like Lara Croft and swished agilely through the air. I ran as fast as I could but she captured me and tied me to a bed. She ripped my clothes of and slowly removed what little clothes she was waring herself. She sat astride of me and was about to take me for nasty ride, but luckily I woke up from the nightmare.

Thank God for that!! For a second there, I thought we were heading for another, ‘shadowy crisis’!


I think Mr U has serious issues. He considers this a nightmare. Can you find the Dr. to see if he can help fix Mr U’s over taxed cranium?

WHAT?! You expect us to accept this answer from you?

If Robert were to give a running commentary, as the fiendish nightmare unfurls, it could kick start bobs wife, into a little action`, of her own! :smiling_imp:
Jealousy is a wondrous aphrodisiac! Who knows what may transpire.

I’m not so sure about that, me heartie… I had to break up with a woman I loved very much because she said I was ‘too jealous’.

So I said, “But honey, I’m jealous of anyone that has sex more often than I do!” :mrgreen:

Nightmare? (gasp)
Substitute Angelina Jolie with Billy Bob Thorton.

Now play a soundtrack of banjoes…

The last words you hear are “Boy you got a pretty mouth” … re=related … re=related
Your wish is my command, Master.