Strange DROPBOX problem

I have been using Scrivener on Windows Desktop for a while.
I have two projects there, backed up to Dropbox.

I just purchased the Scrivener app for my iPad and set it up per instruction to interface with my Dropbox app on the IPad, and setup a new project named TEST, and synced it.

BUT my old projects don’t show up on the IPad app.
And the new TEST project doesn’t show up in Dropbox :unamused:

I checked my Dropbox info at, as well as on the IPad app, and via my Windows browser. But the IPad app only shows the TEST project, But I can’t access it from my desktop Scrivener.

Any thoughts how to rectify this problem? Or is the IPad app not compatible with the Windows app?

Hi Jay,

It is highly likely that you are not storing the desktop & iPad Scrivener projects in the exact same folder on DropBox.

From Windows, I store mine in the default at C:\Users\USERNAME\Dropbox\Apps\Scrivener.

From iOS, mine are stored at Dropbox\Apps\Scrivener. You need to be sure to link iOS Scrivener to the right folder in DropBox.

Double-check that you’ve done something similar.


Thanks for the response, Jim.
I don’t think the problem is directory related.
But some mix up with the iPad app in hooking up with my Dropbox account.
To be clearer, it’s hooking up with some unknown Dropbox that doesn’t show up on my iPad.
The reason I think that’s what’s happening is I uninstalled Dropbox from the iPad. It’s no longer showing in the Settings app list.
But when I create a new project on the iPad Scrivener app (TEST1) and then follow the instructions in the drop down menu to save it to Dropbox, it syncs it to Dropbox. And if I make changes to the project and sync them, the message says ‘synced to Dropbox.’

Any idea how I access this phantom Dropbox, and hook up to my Windows desktop Scrivener?

Sorry about the long winded explanation- but I’m dizzy from hours of confusion :confused:

You’re saying you don’t have the Dropbox app installed on your iPad?

I can’t say what’s going on now, but the only way you’re going to be able to move forward:
1)Reinstall the Dropbox app on the ipad, then
2) Sign into it with the same account credentials on your PC. This is key. You’ll never get it to work if the Win & iOS accounts are different,.

You might want to power down and restart your iPad before doing this.

ETA - Here’s a very basic summary of how things should be set up. Please confirm that what you’ve done matches all of the points in this summary.

DropBox - You need a DropBox Account.

On the PC - Your PC needs Scrivener installed, and the DropBox Windows app installed and running. On your PC, move your Scrivener project folders from whatever folder they currently reside, into the Dropbox\Apps\Scrivener folder on your PC. (You may need to create the Scrivener folder, but the DropBox app should create the others by default.) Once you move the projects into that Dropbox\Apps\Scrivener folder on your PC, they should upload to the DropBox cloud automatically. (You can verify this by signing into your DropBox account using your browser, but never use your browser for uploading or downloading or opening Scrivener project files.) Then going forward, you will open your Scrivener projects on your PC from the Dropbox\Apps\Scrivener folder. DropBox will automatically upload and download files to your PC as necessary.

On your iPad - Your iPad needs iOS Scrivener installed, and the DropBox iOS app installed and running. Your iOS DropBox app should be signed into the same DropBox account as on your PC. DropBox will download your Windows Scrivener project files to your iPad. Link iOS Scrivener to the Dropbox\Apps\Scrivener folder as per the steps in the user guide, then iOS Scrivener will have access to and be able to sync them via DropBox. Once you’ve linked Scrivener to your Dropbox account, when you create Scrivener projects on your iPad, you choose whether they will be only on your iPad, or whether they will sync with DropBox. Finally, on iOS Scrivener, you can only open & edit Scrivener projects from Scrivener itself. You can’t open them from the DropBox app.


Are you using the same Dropbox account on both iPad and Mac? It sounds to me like you created two of them. Check which user id you used in Scrivener for iOS, and on the dropbox app on your Mac.

I’m still having the same WEIRD problem.
I followed ALL your instruction exactly.
I created the Dropbox/Scrivener/ desktop directory path & transferred a Project to it.

On iPad I deleted Dropbox and Scrivener Apps (first deleting the Test Program so the app was blank of created files - this will come up later). I restarted my iPad.

Then I reloaded Dropbox on the iPad, and yes it recognized the Dropbox/Scrivener desktop directory files.
BUT after reinstalling the Scrivener app, I created a new Test2 Program, and after following instruction to sync it to Dropbox to save, the new Test Program AND the deleted Test Program are now showing up on the Dropbox Project menu. But nothing from the Dropbox app with desktop files.

The Scrivener iPad app is accessing a phantom Dropbox that has saved the deleted files! And ignoring the iPad Dropbox app.

when you delete an iPad app and go to reinstall it at the App Store it shows that cloud icon. Is the same deleted app stored there, with saved data? Could I be reinstalling the same defective copy of the Scrivener app?

Hi Jay,

As you haven’t explicitly answered this question from rdale, I’ll ask it again: Have you confirmed you’re using the same Dropbox account (same user profile) on both Windows and iOS? This is key to making it work.

Also, can you please provide the following 4x screenshots:

From PC Windows explorer: the Dropbox Scrivener folder, showing your projects. Be sure we can see the folder path.

From PC Internet Explorer: the Dropbox Scrivener folder, showing your projects. Be sure we can see the folder path.

From iOS Dropbox app: the Dropbox Scrivener folder, showing your projects.

From iOS Scrivener app: the Projects screen.


… and from iOS Scrivener, the Dropbox settings which you reach from the project screen (Edit, gear wheel, Dropbox settings)

Sorry for this novice question: how do I send the images?
I have the 4 photos saved to iPad Photos.
How do I transfer them here?

Yay! I figured it out thanks to your last message to access the ‘gear.’ :slight_smile:
that let me locate the iPad Dropbox and download the right files!

Thanks so much for your help!

Good one Lunk! :smiley: