Strange errors dragging and dropping scrivener files in marked2 (Latex equations)

I’m using some equations in my book.
I’m putting some equations like this:

Using Ulysses and previewing in marked2 I get the correct result:Ulysses.jpg
But if I use Scrivener I get this result: the “f” of “frac” seems invisible to scrivener (see below; I tried several other equations)

Then I tried to put this other equations:
$\int_0^\infty e^{-x^2} dx=\frac{\sqrt{\pi}}{2}$

After dragging and dropping from Ulysses to Marked2 these equations look like: Other equations.jpg

But the result in scrivener is the same: whenever there is a “frac” scrivener gives errors in trasformations. This problems doesn’t seem a problem of marked2 Similar error in conversion .jpg

How is it possible?

What do you mean by the result “in Scrivener?” Is this the Scrivener editor, or a compiled output file?


I’m sorry,
I made an error
I intended …: but the result in marked2.
After dragging and dropping in marked2 those equation gave those strange results.
It seems that backslash before “frac” is not coded properly from scrivener to marked2

But how did you get the copy from Scrivener to Marked? Did you drag and drop from the Editor, Compile a document, or what?


I drag and drop from the editor to marked2. I often do this to see a preview of my work. And all was always fine (bibliography for example).
But when I started writing some equations in LateX yesterday I got these results.