Strange font behavior

I have a strange problem since the update today.

I normally use MS Shell Dlg 2 for typing out my story and have had no previous issues (20,000 words in).

Since the update, I carried on wrote a few documents and closed the project. When I later opened the project again all the newly typed documents changed font to Gill Sans MT EXT Condensed bold. Original documents are fine and remained MS Shell Dlg 2.

If I edit or add to text on a document written prior to the update, then all the text in that document switches to Gill Sans MT EXT Condensed bold when document is closed and re-opened.

This same font switch happens if I start a new project and then close and re-open.

Courier and Arial are fine with no font switch. I haven’t tried all the other fonts :neutral_face: :neutral_face:

We did major improvements in Scrivener changing to PosScript fonts for better Mac and iOS compatibility. Unfortunately this might have triggered changes and bugs we have missed during testing. Sorry about that. You can try the Options > Editor and verify that the correct default font is selected for new documents. We’ve had cases where this font was wrong from expected. Hope this helps.

I’ll have to check this out tomorrow, no time tonight.
Thanks for the response.