Strange Formatting After Compiling

Hello, so all my scenes pre-compile are formatted, have indents, spaces, ect. but when I compile them, the spacing and indenting seems to change at random through the entirety of the pdf file.

I have also tried putting it into open office, or printing and changing all the scenes to default formatting doesn’t seem to have an effect.

Can’t seem to find this same issue anywhere online, so I’d love the help. Thanks!

This has happened when do pdf and print at same time. Save first and then print often eliminates that, also try compiling in another format to see if problem persists.

I don’t quite understand what “random” means in this context, so maybe there is a much bigger problem than this, but if you mean systematic but not what you expect, by “random”, then my guess is that you’re using a compile setting that is intended to clean up the formatting for you, so you needn’t have to worry about that kind of stuff while writing.

If you are the sort that prefers to, then after opening Compile, make sure to select the “Default” compile Format in the left sidebar. All of the section layouts it provides will pass-thru formatting from the editor, and it in general does very little that you don’t ask for with Layout assignment (like adding headings to some types of sections if you wish).

If you do want a uniform font but to leave the rest alone, use the font selector at the top of the Layout preview column, in the middle.

By random I mean I can’t see any relation to what’s getting indented, or given paragraph spaces. The indenting and spacing changes mid scene, squashing some parts but not others.

And after having said that, Default totally fixes the indenting issue! Good call! All I have left are some paragraph spacing inconsistencies.

And thanks for the tip about layouts!

Glad to hear that’s working better.

It might be a good idea to go through those sections with View ▸ Text Editing ▸ Show Invisibles turned on, and make sure the whitespace symbols are all consistent. Generally you want to see one single symbol at the end of each paragraph, and no symbol at the beginning.

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That is magical!

Thanks a bundle, AmberV, I can now see where the mix ups are.

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