Strange Green Highlighter on all "Is" -- eyes -- in Manuscri


When I opened my project tonite, which was a hit or miss proposition because the instruction manual wanted to be there, not the project, I finally pulled up a scene and found it has a highlight on every I, whether it’s capitalized or not. I’ve tried control A and then hitting Remove Color, but no luck. I checked and found that all the scenes have this. I’m wondering if this problem could be related to the pullup problem.

Tried exporting the scene to Word and then reentering it but that didn’t work.

Hope someone can help.

Many thanks,

This sounds rather bizarre, and I’m not sure I’m clear what you’re seeing. Is this a selection highlight or an actual text-background highlight or you’re not even sure? I’m assuming this is just within the text documents in the editor, and reloading them has no effect? Has this project been edited on a Mac since you last opened it in Windows? If you could post a screenshot showing this in the project window, that might help trigger some ideas.

I’m also not sure what you were experiencing with the manual. Do you mean the tutorial automatically loaded when you opened up Scrivener? That would presumably just be the effect of the “Open recent projects on program launch” option being enabled in the General preferences; if you’d opened the tutorial most recently the last time you were working, that option would cause it to be automatically opened next time around. You can deselet that in Tools > Options to prevent it happening again, then just open your projects manually from the New Project window–the Recent Projects list of shortcuts makes this still quick and easy.

Hi Jennifer:

No, I don’t use a Mac and last nite shut down the program normally as I always do.

I took 2 different screenshots, one off the Scrivener page itself and the other from Word, where I had pasted it but neither came through. I tried to attach it as RTF, but your program won’t let it be attached.

What to do now?


Jennifer, it all went away. I saved a scene to notepad, just in case, went back to the manuscript, opened a new scene and all the highlighting was gone in the other scenes. Gremlins!
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Hmm, strange. If you get it again, we’ll still try to sort through it! I asked about the Mac because due to the way the settings files are different per platform, the insertion point position changes cause strange text selections when reopening a document on Windows that had been edited in the Mac version. I can’t think of something Windows-only that would cause that, though, unless maybe if you’d been editing the RTF file outside of Scrivener, but it doesn’t sound like you’ve done anything of that sort. And just selecting “i” is pretty bizarre. I don’t suppose you’d accidentally run a project search for “i”? That would highlight all instances of the found search term and persist through clicking different documents, though only while the search results were loaded in the editor. “i” would be pretty common, though, so if you were in a daze from seeing the selections everywhere in the editor, I suppose you might not have noticed that the binder was actually displaying only search results since it probably still included most of the manuscript. But then I don’t know why the solution of just reloading the document would solve it. Strange!

You should be able to upload image files for a post–try pasting them into Paint and saving them as jpg files rather than into an empty document; I think the forum rejects the .rtf extension. Zipping files should also work.

Well, of course, as soon as the highlights went away, I deleted the RTF file so I have nothing to send you. sigh If it happens again, I’ll definitely do that. And, just for the record, I’ve been composing completely in Scrivener and haven’t run any searches. And no one else uses my computer. I guess it’s a head-scratcher…

Thanks again,