Strange Icon Has Appeared

I opened up a project today to find that an icon I’ve never seen before had inserted itself between two text files.

What is it and how do I return the text file, which is what the file was originally, back to its original state and with just a standard text file icon?

Many thanks.

It looks like you’ve accidentally changed the icon: right-click on the icon and you should be able to choose the original one.

The only way the document itself can have changed format is between Document <> Folder. Right click on the document in the binder (not on the icon) and there’ll be a Convert to… action. If it says Convert to Folder, then it’s still a document. If it says Convert to Document, then click it and it’s back as a document.

There are some subtle differences between Folders and Documents, but they concern how the content is displayed (i.e. its default view), and they give you flexibility at compilation time. They each contain the same data and you don’t lose any content switching between the two.


Thanks for your reply.

I couldn’t change it back. (I’d love to know what I did to change the icon in the first place.) So I copied the text, posted it in a new text file, deleted the errant file, and renamed the new file to the old file.

Most likely you have entered a text within the Folder item. Have in mind that Folders and Text items both can contain text. If you remove the Folder item text, the icon should revert back to normal. This icon appears, when you enter text within a Folder item.