Strange indent in paragraph after second line

Hello, I’m using Scrivener 3.0. First, I’m deaf-blind so I may need a bit of visual guidance on this.

I imported my novel into Scrivner from MS Word and used the # (hash tag) to split the chapters into files. Works just great.

I wanted to set my entire document to New Times Roman 12 etc. So far so good.

Now I’m having a problem with how the paragraph is structured. The first line is fine but the second line is oddly indented. I tried various options under text tidying such as zap gremlins, strip leading tabs, etc. Please see image below. I 'm struggling to reset all paragraphs back to Scrivener’s default steps.


It looks as though you’ve somehow ended up with a hanging indent. The easiest way to fix this is to select the text, show the ruler (Cmd-R) and then drag the indent marker to the left. Alternatively, you can select the text and use Format > Paragraph > Increase/Decrease Indents > Decrease Hanging Indent, calling that command several times until the hanging indent is removed.

All the best,

Thanks, Kieth - that helped. I’m guessing I’ll have to do this file by file (chapter by chapter)? I don’t see an option to do a blanket selection of all text across the binder.