Strange issue when compiling

After compiling I went through my manuscript and discovered I had a random ‘Scene 1’ heading under Chapter 2 - it does not appear in the draft and I cannot work out how to get rid of it!

Any suggestions?

It ok- I tried removing the scene heading and that seems to have done the trick- strange how it only one scene heading that decided to appear and not the rest!! but think I have solved it :slight_smile:

You probably gave that one scene a different Section Type than all other scenes, resulting in the Title Options formatting of its Section Layout manifesting itself.

Or the Content Type of that Section Layout is set to show the Title of the scene and not with other Section Layouts.

Thank you- haven idea how I managed to change one section layout- will have to have a play about- I am not the best with technology!

Thank you :grin:

I guess the best thing to remember with “technology” is that there is always a reason, cause … and things don’t happen randomly. Always ask when mysteries appear “Something changed. What changed?”.

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Nice post, thank you.