Strange Label Behavior

Mu labels do not appear in the binder, but as you can see in the screen shot, they are present in the Corkboard Label View.

This problem first appeared in Scrivener 2.? after I migrated via Time Machine to a new computer.

I’ve been on the edge of my seat waiting for your 3.0 Upgrade,. So, I lived with it for a while, figuring that the upgrade would solve the issue.

Yet, the Label colours still refuse to highlight the folder/doc in the Binder.

Please Advise

You can set this per project from the View > Use Label Color In submenu. Either “Binder” (which puts a coloured dot to the right of the title) or “Icon” (which colours the document icon) will show in the binder. “Use Full Width in Binder” will switch from using the dot to colouring the full background behind the title row in the binder.

Thank you for such a clear, concise and complete answer to my query.

After the update didn’t resolve the issue, I figured that it was something I was overlooking.

I also have a strange thing happening with Srivener 3, Mac version.

When you select no label for a folder, the folder is white as the default (No label colour) but on other projects I have also upgraded to Scriv 3 the default colour is blue as the (No label colour)?

In Project > Project Settings > Labels you can nominate a particular label to be the default. Is it possible that you had this set on those projects:?

If you have set View > Use Label Color In > Icons, the unlabeled folders will be white rather than blue, so that the label colour will apply over that (and since the normal blue would appear the same as a blue label). Deselecting that will make them appear blue again.

That was the issue. Thanks for clearing that up for me.