strange lag in starting

I was wondering if anyone could help me here. I have been using Scrivener for a while on my linux computers. Now, I am using Ubuntu 11.04 on a new Lenovo B575. Last week, I updated Ubuntu. I also installed the input method for japanese called Anthy. I am not sure if this caused the problem or not.
However, after that, whenever I start Scrivener, it takes about 4 minutes to start. It used to take about 5 seconds.
Anyone have any idea as to how to fix this? Many thanks in advance.

[tone=“frivolous”]It could be old age. Try drinking strong coffee. That sometimes helps.[/tone]

Not sure how to take your reply there, Floss.

In any case, the startup time has been an issue for a few versions now. I’m running Kubuntu 10.04 on a Dell Mini 9 and with the new 0.3.5 it took 3min 30 sec to start (give or take a few seconds, I was watching time with top). It was also taking 90% CPU time, easy.

Quite probably you’ve been hit by this.

It’s seems to be related to library problems. I have this problem on my desktop, but not in any of my two laptops, but have been unable to fix it.