strange latex export behavior

I have built a scrivener -> mmd3 -> latex (Texshop) chain that was working. But I think that Texshop Lion (v3) has broken it. I use metadata that point to preamble and \begin{document} material so that the start of any latex file I build starts with lines like \input{mmd-tufte-handout-header}.

But all of the sudden, and I think it’s related to figures and Texshop3, scrivener creates a folder that has the same name as the actual latex file that’s produced which is inside of that folder. That seems to confuse Texshop 3. Then when I try to use that file in Texshop, it cannot find the mmd files that live in the mmd folder inside of texmf. If I move the latex file outside of that folder, then it can find the necessary files.

But if I use the previous teashop 2.43, it can find the mmd files. Anyone else finding this?

When exporting to LaTeX (or to MMD), if Scrivener needs to create multiple files - for instance, if there are images that need exporting - it will create a folder with the .tex file name and place the files inside this folder.

Incidentally, if you’re using MMD3, I recommend downloading the new beta, which provides native MMD3 support:


Ioa will be able to answer specific questions on this better than me, though.

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thanks. Yes, I use the beta. What I’m describing is really somehow a TexShop problem, I realize also. But I wondered whether anyone else had run across it. I’ll send a note to the TexShop author also.